Monday, November 10, 2008

OK-- it's time to lay it out on the table

And I'm not meaning food.

Time to say how you are doing and what you think so far of our new workout and dieting. I'll start.

-I won't give up my large Diet Coke. (Sorry Tony).
-I have been watching my calories and what I have been eating.
-I have been cooking more at home and making sure I serve more veggies.
Weekends are the hardest, especially lunch.
-Last Tuesday I worked out on the treadmill and I plan on doing it again this week.

Kathleen (Leenie)


ReeRee said...

What are we laying on the table? Which day? I'll bring dessert and diet coke! Ha.

Megan said...

I am doing exercising but I must confess!! I am a PIG! I can't stop eating junk!! I think it would help if I started to cook more...please I am begging each and every one of you!!!! I need an me fat,slovenly...whatever it takes...I need to stop!! It is out of control....and I am not joking...seriously!!!! Help!!

mommy to an angel said...

I do good one week and bad the next! On my bad weeks it's like a train wreck - I don't know if it's hormonal or what, but I can't stop myself!
I downloaded two of the songs we dance to during workout to do at home. I have also been doing the eliptical about once a week.
I too can't give up my diet Coke - it's my "lovey"!

Anonymous said...

diet coke is a major bloater.I was addicted and I stopped drinking it and have lost 40 lbs since June.I eat veggies fruits and lean meats and water.Its called a the clean diet.Its what were suppose to eat lol